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When you’re in a class with 23 other journalism hopefuls, who want to rush after crime stories and what is deemed “soft news,” then becoming a fashion journalist is something to be scoffed at. I know because I’m the fashion writing wannabe. 

I’ll never forget the day a well-known journalist gave a speech to our class and laughed at my dream of going into fashion. Humiliated and too embarrassed, I said nothing to stand up for what I love. 

I motivate my choice in career (not that I need to) by pointing out that the fashion industry is one of the largest industries in the world. People seem stop at the aesthetics, but they forget that the industry is far more than the fabric we choose to clothe ourselves with. 

Here are a few numbers that may shock (or amuse) you about the industry I so much want to be a part of: 

Minimalist (1)


Here’s 5 things you should know about writing for online

By the end of this, I should have explained how you should treat writing for online.. The reality of the web is that I don’t have much time before you get bored and so here’s a quick list of what to know, coupled with a beep load of  pictures and cool features … because it’s cool. 


It must be worth the click

You have to attract people to view your site, by making your headline über interesting. None of that basic stuff, make them want to click on YOUR link! It’s the first thing they’ll see and well, if it sucks, people are just going to scroll on by.



No really, click on it!


Get it?


Time is limited

Hello. This is the Internet. Not only is it important to attract people to your site in the first place, but to keep them there too. Be entertaining. Too much text is boring!

Colour is your friend!  But use colour in a cool way. This is not some Disney movie.


Embed it

I’m sure you have some really cool things to say, but let’s get serious. That could be a bit tiring to read. Add pictures, tweets, memes, maps, videos, music, links.   Whatever.

Okay, not “whatever” –  none of that selfie business. 

I should probably practice what I preach at some point. Here’s a cool video:

And here’s another one … because videos are cool. And people like videos.


If all else fails. Click here for a fantastic site that will you add video content.


Update and update quickly


It’s always pretty neat t have something exclusive on your site, but the Internet is sort of like Rihanna’s hairstyles. It changes all the time and before you know it, someone else is rocking it better than you. 

Sorry. Not Sorry, Riri!


Sell it on social networks

It’s all about the packaging. Share links via Twitter, Instagram, Facebook … but remember you have limited characters before someone ignores it. Try using a catchy phrase. Give away detail, but not too much. Otherwise, there’s really no point in still going to your site.

I hope this has helped you understand how the Internet works … and how you should work with it.

Oh and one last tip, I guess I should say “6 things” in my heading then. But nah.


Make sure you are original

There are millions of people doing the same thing, so you have to stand out.

Happy online’ ing!


Date night and he’s making you choose the place? These are our top 3 places to eat in Stellies!

So you met the cutest Engineering hottie (yes, they exist) and you’re going for dinner, but you are absolutely clueless about dates and the last time you ventured out in Stellenbosch – it was that wild night at Terrace and you came home with a bruised left boob and a hangover that makes you cringe … still.

AND to up the panic, he is making you pick the place and now you have to decide on the perfect date setting?

Don’t fret!

We thought we’d give you some tips on where to grab a bite to eat … these are our 3 favourite spots: 

5 Ryneveld is the cutest little spot with a vintage feel. AND on Thursday nights they host a vintage movie night.

Man’oushe is a great spot for a sophisticated chow-down. Choose a seat inside or pick a spot outside, and huddle-up with the blankets provided.

For a little bit low-key, you might consider sharing some tappas at Craft.

These are just our top places, there are plenty of neat nooks that will set the mood. Comment in the section below and let us know if you know of any other gems in Stellenbosch –  which are awesome for date night!

12 things I’ve learnt from working in fashion journalism (and no, it’s not all free clothes and bitching)

Hannah Gale

blog LOOK

Most of you will know that I left my role as Digital Content Editor across the fashion titles at IPC Media (LOOK, Marie Claire and InStyle) last month, after two years crammed with shopping galleries, One Direction chatter and a hella lotta wine. It’ll always hold a fond place in my heart.

I’m now settled into my new role as a writer at, causing lots of trouble by writing graphis sex pieces, slagging off The Wanted and apparently being a sexist slut. Gotta love the general public, eh?

Here’s what I learnt about from my glorious time at the fashion titles…

1. No matter how much you spend and however many freebies you wangle, you will still never have clothes. Not just that, you’ll firmly believe that 85% of the office look better than you on any given day. It’s bloody nightmare being a girl, it is.

2. Your…

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Farren Arendse – Trendy, Edgy and Fabulous!

Hello Readers

I’ve done posts on celebrities, international fashionistas and bloggers, whose style I obsess over. This time, my fashion-crush is a little closer to home and I actually know her personally! I just wanted to share, with you all, why it is that I am so in-style-love with Farren Arendse.

Farren (22) is Mother City born and bred, but is currently living in New York to fulfill her one and only dream of becoming a successful fashion designer. “Ever since I was a little girl, going into every shop possible and playing dress up as a little kid,”  says the fashionista as she explains that she has had a calling in fashion. Farren is currently working on her clothing line called “Rad Dolls” which is aimed at the free spirited, yet trend conscious individual. As a quirky dresser herself, the young talent encourages weird and different dress sense. She is a firm believer in not being a fashion sheep.

When asked how American fashion differs to South African fashion she responded,  “Over here, people are more free as to what they wear. Basically, no one looks down on anyone for what they are wearing. The clothing is also much more trend forward, I’d say.” Her current surroundings have definitely allowed her personal style to blossom and this can be can seen on Facebook page: Blommy. She is active on her page and is always posting her latest fashion forward looks, as well as personal fashion interests.

Her favourite items of style, are her rainbow knit jersey and Egyptian gold necklace (see below). It is obvious to see why Farren is indeed an ATG fashion-crush!

We wish Farren well, for the rest of her stay in New York and hope that we’ll see her creations rocking the runway soon!

*Pictures have been taken from Farren’s Facebook page. You may click on the link, mentioned in the post, to access more.

Pre-Fall Fashion!

Hello Readers


Although it is still Summer, and if you’re in Cape Town then I am sure the 30+ degrees are a constant reminder, but soon it will be that awkward period when it’s not quite Summer and not quite Autumn yet.  I thought I’d do a little pre-Autumn post, just to point out a few trends for the season, before the season!


It’s all about the mixing of bold prints, the cropped jackets, high-waist skirts and sleek/ tailored looks.

Collars are still in, bigger and bolder than before, and we can expect lots of military inspired fashion. I’m talking army prints, studs, combat-style boots and shoes.

Street style keeps it simple, with graphic shirts, word-fashion and the infamous beanie (try neon).  As usual, mixing of textures and playing down glam outfits will keep you fit for the pre-Autumn season.



Seasonal change always makes my fashion heart happy. It’s a time to explore and change up your wardrobe!






*Pictures are not my own and are for commentary purposes only.