Make Your Own Flower Earrings

Ok…so I decided to embrace my creative side and tried making my own earrings. They came out pretty awesome, so I thought I’d share them with you.

You will need:

Fabric (a cut up old t-shirt will do)
Some matching cotton (or a contrasting colour)
Super glue
Permanent Marker
Some earring-backs (you can buy at a beads/craft shop – or just take them off an old pair of earrings)

See photo’s below

Step 1:
Cut out a cardboard template of a flower. You don’t have to be an artist – it doesn’t have to look perfect.

Step 2:
Trace around the cardborad template with your permanent marker, on your piece of fabric. You will need about 5 flowers per earring.

Step 3:
Carefully cut each flower out.

Step 4:

Fold 4 of the flowers in quarters. Take the remaining cut-out flower and sew each folded flower to the the one you have not folded. Sew it at the centre ONLY (pictures will help you see what I mean)

Step 5:
Once all 4 folded flowers are sewn, your earring is basically complete. Take the earring-back and glue it to the back of the earring you just made…and viola!

Hope you like! šŸ™‚


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