Most Expensive Shoes for Women on Ebay

Okay, so maybe this isn’t exactly BREAKING NEWS, but it’s pretty interesting if you are a self-confessed, or accused, shoe-lover.

I recently bought a R750 pair of peep-toe stilettos…and to me, that seemed to be quite pricey. After all, I am a student.  My, what I considered a splurge, is nothing compared to what I am about to share.

These are some of  the most expensive shoes on Ebay:

Rare Sling Back Stilleto Shoes with Diamonds Hand made

These handmade slingback stilettos are the on this list. They are currently going for $250 000 (that would be R2,036,288.33 ). Like hello, there are people starving in Africa!


Christian Louboutin VENUS ORLATO LEOPARD Bootie 37 7

Next, is a pair of Christian Louboutin leopard print booties. These go for about R80,446,600. Unless a real-life leopard comes with free with every purchase, I think I’ll pass…although, they are fabulous!



A 5 inch leather wedge is also on the list, with a price tag of R17,698 (when converted). I guess it’s a lot cheaper than the previous mentioned shoes, but I wouldn’t pay THAT much for pair of shoes made out of my neighbour’s cat.


Beige No Heel Boots heelless Shoes Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham No Heel Boots, makes the list. Firstly, let’s acknowledge the fact that this shoe is utter RUBBISH…seriously, no heel? There’s no way I will pay over the price of just over R20 000, while taking the risk of falling on my arse. No heel? Victoria darling, you must be insane!


I love shoes, but this is just ridiculous!

Check out: for more!


One thought on “Most Expensive Shoes for Women on Ebay

  1. LOL!! As a shoe freak, I must say reading that post was quite entertaining. Quite scary 2 know the extent people would go to look good hey! But keep it up, I’m loving it doll xx

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