Top 5 Fashion FAILS

Yes yes, we love to be in season and ensure our style game is on point. However, some trends only suit certain people and sometimes we simply fail at fashion. I’ve compiled a list of 5 things, that should not be done…as in NEVER!

Please ladies, don’t force yourself into something that clearly does not fit. Do not kid yourself, taking a size bigger is okay – nobody is perfect!

I can’t stress this next one enough, please (I BEG) dress appropriately for your age. Nothing makes you look older than wearing something too young.

Lil Mama is a perfect example of why we should NEVER wear too many trends…all in one outfit. I think I’ll leave it at that – pictures say 1000 words (I kind of want this one to shut up though).



The whole Boho Chic look is actually a personal favourite. I enjoy the baggy clothes, messy hair and effortlessly trendy look. On the other hand, not caring too much will just make you look like a bergie…sorry, that had to be said!

I always say, keep your heels as high as your standards – but only if you can walk in them though! It’s true, a sexy pair of stilettos can make any outfit a hit, but if you are going to walk like a drunk penguin rather don’t wear them. Otherwise, invest in some wedges – they are the heels with training wheels!


So, that’s my list! What do you consider a fashion crime? I have Joan Rivers on speed dial!





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