Oh Baby…Trendy Tots!

Shiloh, Suri, Harper…ring a bell?…These are the children of Hollywood’s most famous celebs, Angelina Jolie-Pitt, Katie Holmes and Victoria Beckham. This post is hardly about their famous mom’s though. It’s all about the insanely fashionable kid’s, who are probably more up-to-date in fashion than the average woman, will ever be!

Did you know Suri Cruise has a fashion blog dedicated to her?… Check it out : http://suricruisefashion.blogspot.com. Suri, probably leading the pack of trendy tots, has been known to venture around in all sorts of designer wear…it’s no wonder that her wardrobe is said to be valued at over $2 million!…

Harper, the latest addition to the Beckham family, was spotted sporting Chloe tights – which goes for about $50 a pair…Ok so it’s not majorly expensive, but it’s around R350…for stockings?…maybe Victoria could buy herself a smile with the change!

I can only imagine what Blue Ivy Carter will be rocking in the months to come!…


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