Golden Globes – the garb side of things!

It’s only fair that today we check out the fashion of last night’s Golden Globes.

I’m not going to give you a juicy intro…so…BOOM!! – Who dressed Sarah Michelle Gellar in my swimming pool???

The dress everyone is talking about, seems to be Angelina Jolie’s colour blocked nude and red piece. The concept is a fabulous piece of fashion, but it’s not a “WOW” dress!

One of my favourite looks was definitely Kelly Osborne. It may be because I’m bias towards vintage inspired couture, but colour, fit, hair, everything – HIT!

Elle Macpherson looked absolutely amazing. Okay, so maybe her dress is a little bit on the wedding side, but she looked ravishing! So, why was she invited though?

Nude, nude, nude…everybody dressed in nude at this year’s GG. My favourite nude dress has got to be Piper Perabo (yes, that girl from Coyote Ugly). Now this is subtle, yet it screams STYLE!!!!

Glee star, Lea Michele sparkled (no, really) in a stunning Marchesa gown. Conceited and all, I actually love her style – always rocking the red carpet!

You know how people say “She’s Madonna, she can do what she wants and wear what she wants. She’s Madonna!” No people, don’t lie! we can all see that this dress is just horrid!…Like, what happened to your material, girl? (yes, I just made that joke – deal!)

I will most probably post some more pics later, stay logged on!


One thought on “Golden Globes – the garb side of things!

  1. Hi Chelsea
    I really enjoy this piece about the Golden Globe. I wanted to hear what others thought of the dresses, just never got to watch it with anyone else properly. I understand what you meant by Madonna’s look, it wasn’t really appropriate for a woman of her stature. Many of the woman also wore fish tale dresses, I really loved Paula Patton and Sofia Vergara their dresses. I wasn’t much of a fan of Zooey Deschanel and Salma Hayek’s dresses. Oh well I just wanted to share what I thought about the Golden Globe red carpet part.

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