First Date – hair, make-up, what-to-wear…

So THAT guy you’ve been crushing on FOREVER, has finally asked you out? Or maybe you are just doing someone a favour by going on a blind date? Well, whatever the date, you are going to want to look second-date-worthy (whether you want one or not), right?

Here’s a few tips to ease you first-date-worries:


Jessica Biel's chic pony tail is a good look You are going to want to keep it simple and go for effortless look - just DON'T UNDER DO IT!


This is not the time to experiment with neon lipgloss and face glitter, it’s totally back-to-basics with make-up! Foundation, bronzer (NOT JERSEYLISCIOUS STYLE), some peach-flushed cheeks, neutral eyes AND lip – K.I.S.S (keep it simple, silly!)…

Lauren Conrad does is just right!


Firstly, for the first date…Less is more – with the accessories…but not with the clothes. Keep your girls in check, you want him to look into your eyes…not your chest.

You can never go wrong with a cocktail dress, or some skinny jeans and a trendy top! A good pair of sexy heels will always win…remember to K.I.S.S!

Perfect - this green halter-neck, available at Mr Price stores!

So, now that you can walk the walk – you have to learn to talk the talk. Below is a link to some great conversation tips, courtesy of iVillage:
Thanks for reading!

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