Trends we would love to forget!

Look what I found!


Spot a trend???


My bag, yuck!...(I'm the one on the left btw)


I was going through some old photos today, the kind that made me go all “oh gross, what was I wearing” – yes you know what I’m talking about! So, I thought I would take a trip down trend-lane and remind you all of the ridiculous fashion trends we were once following – when were we kids. Yes that’s right – blame it on the “kid phase!”


Bomber Jackets – those puffy, oversized, made a noise whenever you moved your arms…yes those jackets! Come on, we all had them!…If you lucky, you had a fur trim on the hood!


Bright colour lenses, sunglasses – with small frames!…Every girl wanted a pink or purple pair and we thought we looked pretty cool sporting them. I’m not even going to lie, I had loads of pairs (all from the flee market).


Gypsy Skirts – one in every colour!…Apparently they are making a come back – why? P.S there is a DIFFERENCE between a gypsy skirt and a maxi skirt – don’t get it twisted!


Denim Suits –  yes denim is in again and yes you can wear denim on top and at the bottom…but NO they can’t be of the same shade. We all committed this crime once upon a childhood memory!


Boxing Boots – the kind that laced-up all the way to your knee. if you didn’t have a pair of these, you wanted them! Then Uggs took over…and then Wellingtons…what next?


Pointy shoes – I’m so sorry if you still wear them, but that was one of the worst things ever in season at a stage. No ladies, round-toe and peep-toe are classics…Pointy’s are from the era of pre-GHD and Nokia!


Pig Tails – Yes, we all thought we looked cute, but unless you are under 6 years old – away with the two pony tails!


Ugly Betty transformed in the end - and so did our taste! HOPEFULLY!

What else can you guys think of? Drop a comment – and let’s all lugh about it!



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