Styling Facebook 10

I went through profiles, every single picture (okay, most) and finally came up with who I think are the fashionistas on my Facebook friends list. Please don’t be upset if you are not on this list, lol!


Aqeelah Hassan


Blaine Jossie


Lauren Barnard


Farren Arendse


Carryn Adams


Samantha Bianchi


Nicole Fortuin


Chanel Whittaker


Zowler Arafat


Lisa-Marie Johnstone


I think I’ll do a list of guys next!…:)



4 thoughts on “Styling Facebook 10

  1. lol! wooohoo i made the cut haha thnx chels! you really have amazing thing awaiting you 🙂 so proud of you and you blog! thumbs up!

  2. Wow babe, didn’t even know you had a blog. I have 1 to which I think you should absolutely check out once I have it up and running again… & I’m on you list????!!! That’s insane! I’m screaming here in Metarga and flapping my arms like a god-damn penguin. haha. Thank you dear. xx

    Zowler Arafat –

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