Love, Loss and What-To-Wear this February

February, the month of love is here (well, tomorrow it is). For many, this is a month of romance, passion and multitudinous moments of PDA, but if you are like me – this is not the case. I’m currently listening to Birdy’s Skinny Love, it serves as motivation for this post – love, loss and what-to-wear!


For those of you who know me, you will know that I am not exactly a major fan of romance, but actually I am. The truth is, I have been hurt so many times that it’s just much easier to say that I don’t believe in “love.” Every little girl, or big girl, wants that cliche fairy tale (not Kim Kardashian’s story) version of love, right? Whether you admit it or not, it would be nice! This year, I challenge all the single ladies to put yourself out there – DON’T THROW YOURSELF though! Open your heart to the possibilities and extend your mind far beyond the fear of being hurt. Try new things – this is a leap year, right? You know how the story goes!



By “loss” I mean a positive loss, if that makes sense. Lose all the negative thoughts and perceptions of yourself, as well as of other people. We all have something that we don’t like bout ourselves, but let’s get rid of the inner-cynic and live a more confident life (easier said than done, but try anyway).

Lose the idea of having a “type!” –  (I’m so guilty on this one). We make these lists of what the ideal guy should be like, which we will probably never find. Yes, have standards – but give someone other than your “type” a chance!


What- to- wear. 

My fashion pick for the month:

It’s time to leave the “booty shorts” and “hot pants” and opt for the cutesy shorts. This is a higher-waist, wide-legged version of your average pair of shorts. They look like skirts when you have them on! They are available at Edgars, Mr Price, Forever New and lots of other stores – easy find and definitely a winning look for fabulous February!

Hope you enjoyed this post!


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