Clothes Over Bros – Studs, Sole-Mates, Relationshirts…

Hello Ladies,

I know I know, I’ve been extremely quiet lately…too quiet – I will work on that!

I’m tired of telling you all how SINGLE I am, but yes…that’s still the case! However, I have a much deeper and a far more reliant companion of couture! Oh and I’m blogging from my Blackberry, so pictures are right at the bottom (apologies).

So maybe I stole my title from Brooke’s (One Tree Hill) design label, but I find the phrase “clothes over bros” so relevant in my life.


You see what I did there? “SOLE” mates?!…Yes, that’s right, I’m talking about shoes! We’ve all had a really sexy pair of heels, which makes everything look good and makes every other girl wish they had a pair…but they hurt like crazy!…The blister-giving type!…Well, just like that, we allow ourselves to be in toxic relationships, based on looks…and not how they make us feel! You don’t always have to suffer for beauty!…Ditch the heels and ditch the guy!…Try a sexy pair of platforms or (as previously mentioned) wedges – all the cheers, none of the tears!…Rock your life, rock your look!…

Sexy Studs.

Mmmmm yes…size does matter – the bigger the better!…Plus, if you are like me, I like them OLD! I’m talking about earrings!…Although you can never go wrong with a pair of outrageous HOT chandelier earrings, studs are in too! Try a chunky pair of fabulous studs, with your hair up or down, for a fabulous look that will tweak any outfit!


You might want to throw out the Hello Kitty, or whatever other cartoon character t-shirt you may have (not so cute anymore), and opt for the more sophisticated, always in-style button-down shirt. Team it with a high-waist pants, shorts or skirt and you will be styling the streets! Now this is a relationship worth investing in.

Fall in love with fashion!

For shoes, try Rage, Queue Shoes, YDE and Zoom.

For earrings, try Sass Diva, Mr Price or YDE.

For Shirts, try Edgars, Forever New, The Lot, YDE or even Mr Price.

Stay Beautiful, xx


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