Our Miss, is a HIT!

While watching Road To Miss SA (the reality show leading up to the crowning) one lazy Sunday afternoon,  I was pleasantly amazed when a 22 – year old blonde beauty waltzed onto the TV screen before me. Not only did the Pretoria stunner, Melinda Bam, impress me with her conspicuous good looks, but she was well-spoken and seemed pretty intelligent too. “Finally, beauty and brains,”  I said…and my obsession began (not in a scary way though).

The gorgeous Melinda, is without a doubt, my favourite Miss South Africa yet – no offence to those who hosted the title before her. Her sincere and friendly personality just makes her all the more likeable, judging from her tweets at least.

Wait, this is a fashion blog – so let me make mention some Melinda moda moments…

Before the crown, stylists and full-on glam team, Melinda was strutting her fabulously fashionable self, in the very first interview where she wore an emerald green pants and chunky necklace (from what I recall),  till when they announced the final 12, she wore that slim fit white dress with her hair in a sleek pony tail. All this proving that her style was already great.

I was lucky enough to spot her in the flesh at this year’s J&B Met, where she pulled of a rather daring outift – chains and all! I think it’s safe to say that no-one pulls a red lip off like our Miss South Africa.



Whether she’s having a chilled day, rocking some bat-winged tops or dresses, she remains in tune with her incredible fashion sense.


This remarkable beauty is set to do amazing things, in the name of style and in the name of us – whom she represents. For the first time in a while, again no offence to previous title holders, I think we have a Miss World or Miss Universe on our hands!

Our Miss, is definitely a HIT!


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