International Love!

This week my blog post is ispired by the insanely awesome foreign friends I have made in the last 2 weeks! My friends and I were lucky enough to meet a group of Dutch and German visitors. Long story short – Friends were made and people were added on Facebook!

I thought I’d take this week’s post beyond the borders of South Africa, and show some love for foreign fashion, from each of the countries whose poeple I have come to know and appreciate!

1st Stop – Germany

Besides, the cars , hotties and soccer – Germany is home to some of the most fabulous designers. Of course, the most famous being none other than big-shot-fashion-fundi Karl Lagerfeld. The Hamburg born designer’s  fall collection, Hogan 2012/13, is one we simply love! Hello to monochrome, leather, seude, the return of the bomber jacket, high-collars and so much more! See below.

Next we fly our fashion wings to The Netherlands.

The clog! Although the tradional clogs are a little, well…just souvenirs -this Winter, we could all try being a little more daring and opt for a pair of tradional Dutch inspired clog boots. Aren’t they just fancy???

The way we adopt and adapt traditional trends from abroad is what contributes to the colourful fashion world. Fashion knows no boundaries!

Foreigners, friends, fashion! Love them all!


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