Who, when, where and WEAR…this holiday….

As a university student, a vacation is always warmly welcomed…even if it’s just for a week! I embraced the Easter break, by avoiding any kind of intellectual activity – a holiday well spent!

Although I, unfortunately, did not have the time nor the stamina, to see all of my friends – I thought I’d share what I actually got up to.

Many days were spent shopping (of course), a little mommy-and-me (with the odd gate crash of dad) is always a good way to spend and SPEND some time!

I hit Camps Bay with our foreign friends, to Dizzy’s,  where we had a little too much fun singing karaoke and…well…other things too.

Much to my delight, we stumbled (literally, that’s what a little bit of red wine does to you) into a little shop next to Dizzy’s, which is open till really late – hello, of course I loved that! Lol, hence the shoes in the background of the photo (see below).

Myself and my beautiful friend, Inga!

As the week progressed, I found myself living the party life in Long Street, Cape Town. Of course, we attended the #WASTED event at Club 169…and a few other places that night too! I was feeling a little on the edgy-chic side and a leather shirt (from, Divine UK) and had my hair all sleek in a high bun.

My Olliebollen (inside joke), Nicole!

2 days later I was back at 169, in the stormy weather and all – but, nothing keeps us from having a good time, right? I braved the cold, in a slim, rather short Aztec print dress, with red boots.

All in all, my week of holiday came to an end with the splendor and love of  spending time with the family – it was Easter after all!

I also went through my Aunt’s old clothing and found this really cool vintage crop jacket.

Now I’m back in Stellenbosch – so disappointed that we lost the Varsity Cup final. Here’s to a new term with new challenges.

I’m on  a bit of a fashion, make-up and body detox (we all need to go through one)- so excuse me if you see me looking less-than-Garb!

P.S Sorry this post took a while, my phone is not working at the moment. Hope you are all well and fashionable!


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