The Sisterhood

I’m a Stellenbosch student, who resides on campus, in a student residence. This place has become my second home, even more than that at times! At first, the adjustment proved to be more than the challenge I expected, but the beautiful ladies ,who I now spend ALL my time with, have made it all the more #amaze! 🙂


We spend countless hours together, most of the time it’s pretty unproductive, but these ladies have become like sisters to me. Whenever any of us need something, we know that a few doors down the corridor, there’s a friend to help. We share advice, clothes, shampoo, food and even emotions – sadness and excitement free for all!


Okay, enough of the “” talk  – I think you get it.


Last Thursday, Melissa Thomas, went to the annual Malbal. For those who are not familiar with Stellenbosch, this is a ball / award ceremony for the committee’s of the various residences and PSO’s. We were all more than willing to help Melissa get ready for the event, with one doing hair and another doing make-up. Although she’s pretty beautiful every day, I thought I’d share some pictures of how she looked for the ball.






Perfect for the event, Melissa looked beautiful in this purple and gold, low-back dress. Her hair was simple, with a Grecian-style pony tail. What a HOTTIE, right?!





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