Ponder Replay

My friend, Nicole, showed me this absolutely gorgeous picture of Rihanna and it made me fall in love with her style all over again. Yes, I know the song is called Pon de Replay, the title was not a mistake.  I found it rather fitting, as I reminisce on my favourite looks of Rihanna, which make her one of my favourite celebrity fashionistas.

I must admit, I’m glad she has progressed in fashion and music, since her Pon de Repaly days – I wasn’t too keen at first. However, she has transformed and has often kept us interested in her look, mostly keeping an eye on her outrageous hairstyles. I can honestly say, there is no one, like Rihanna. The woman has inspired more hairstyles, than “the Rachel” and has had us so glued to the happenings and beatings in her life.

I look to this mucking afazing woman, for inspirations IN FASHION.  Needless to say, I will never rely on her for relationship advice. I’m loving her latest, a more refined and polished version of herself (see last picture), yet still edgy and rockin’ roll chic – true Riri style!  Check out some of my favourite looks of hers:

What’s not to love?

For her official site, check out: http://rihnnanow.com. It’s pretty amazing!


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