What’s Wrong With Being Fabulous?

I love fashion, I love looking good and, more importantly, the way I dress is how I take care of ME. To be told, on a more-than-regular basis, that I am “overdressed” or questioned as to why I “dress up” on an average day, really bothers me. Is it that hard to just say “you look nice,” instead of questioning my motives or bringing me down for caring too much about what I wear.


I do not consider myself to be any better than you, by dressing a certain way. When I wake up in the morning, I put on clothes that make me feel good. I like fashion, I live fashion – so who are you to judge the way I decide to embrace what I love? I’m exhausted of constantly having to defend my dress sense. Does it really affect your being if I decide to wear sky high heels for no particular reason? Is it the end of the world if I decide to colour-block my way down Victoria Street?


Style, is how we express ourselves. You get the tomboy, in her sweats and messy bun and you get the hipster, in her vintage jeans and crop top.  It’s a choice we make. So why should we be subjected to what you think of us, when we don’t see it that way.


Fashion goes far beyond the boundaries of society!



















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