Can we redo last week please?!

I had so much fun last week, unplanned events, family and ladies’ night are always the best!

Last week, my friends and decided that we needed a bit of a breather. We went for some pizza and wine at the local pub – gossip, chill and laughter 😉

We decided that that wasn’t enough and headed off for a quick drink at Nubar. It just so happened to be Ladies’ Night and you know what that means……..PINK DRINKS


Although, I was heavily concerned about the football that night, I loved every minute of fearless fun with my beautiful friends.

Last Thursday, I was asked to help out at Aurora PSO’s Urban Week. They hosted a variety of events and displays. Thursday was the day that they gave local designers the opportunity to show off their work, on the Rooiplein. It was so nice meeting and greeting some amazing local talent. Unfortunately, there was no time to take pictures, but this is what I do have:



On Friday night, my beautiful cousin Carly, went to her Matric Ball. For those abroad, this is basically “prom” for us. She looked gorgeous in a nude dress by David Pamplin-Grove. It was a fun-filled family day, even though I had a test the  next morning…and with way too much food!



Saturday, I was invited to the ballet. I went with 3 beautiful friends, from Holland, to watch Giselle. It was beautiful and boring, all in the same light. I loved it, nonetheless.



After the ballet, we headed off to Club 31 in Cape Town where we danced non-stop….the blister giving type!

All in all, I would redo last week in a heartbeat!



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