Hello all my beautiful readers


It’s been a while, okay that’s an understatement, but I’ve been writing exams and it’s been really difficult to blog. I am really sorry! I’m on holiday now and have lots of making up to do, so I’m pretty sure I’ll be blogging a lot!


I think it would really annoying if I mention to you all that I’m a vintage-junkie (BUT I AM), again but today’s post was inspired by a late night Google session – . I decided to Google some of the most iconic women in fashion and share my favourite ladies of couture from way back when. Taylor, Monroe and Hepburn, ring a bell? It’ s time for a FASH BACK (fashion flashback). 🙂


Some of these looks may seem on trend right now, that’s because fashion repeats itself every 20 years. These are the game-changing fashionistas of all time and although they have all left us, their iconic style will continue to inspire the world of fashion.


Elizabeth Taylor - Loving this outfit!










Hope you love their looks as much I do. xx


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