Ring Leader

“Statement jewellery,” is probably the most literal concept in fashion. Of course, the obvious definition would include something along the lines of your jewellery being extravagant, so outstanding that it makes…a statement. That’s quite comprehensible, right?

Discreet and subtle choices are discouraged and the saying “less is more” can be completely disregarded when it comes to statement jewellery. I know this idea has been over-published and reading another post on “chunky chains” (or something like that) will no longer entice your attention, but I really wanted to do a post on statement rings. 

Kim Kardashian, Rihanna and Beyonce have all been seen in finger-tip rings. Another obvious term – it’s a ring for your finger-tip. Although, I must admit I am not overly excited to own a few, they are still pretty “interesting.” What do you think, hate them or love them?

As the Spice Girls proved, going solo does not always work out. The statement ring has now also emphasised the glam on two-finger and three-finger rings. Jerseylicious’ Olivia, Keri Hilson and MANY other famous fashionistas have been seen rocking these rings. Now this one, I love!

So obviously, “the bigger the better” seems to be the best way to make a statement, but for me it’s – the brighter the better. So I’ll just say three words: NEON NEON NEON!


So go out there and make YOUR statement!



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