10 Reasons Why…being in fashion is better than being in a relationship.

I’ve decided to add a new feature to my blog, “10 reasons why…” As often as I can, I will post 10 reasons why something is better than anything else, why I love whatever it may be or anything that I need TEN reasons to justify. Of course, this entirely my opinion and anything I say can be digested with a pinch of salt.

My first 10 Reasons Why, is “10 Reasons Why Being in Fashion is Better Than Being in a Relationship.”

1. Return Policy – If you don’t like something anymore, you can change or return it to where you got it from. I’m pretty sure you can’t drop off a guy at his mom’s if you don’t find him attractive anymore, right? Although, that would be nice.

2. Jealousy – Your shoes can all be in the same room and not stir up drama. Stiletto’s will most probably NOT compare heel size.

3. Age – It’s not frowned upon to go for something much older than you are, it’s called “Vintage” and not being a “gold digger.”

4. No Waiting – If the store doesn’t have your size, you can leave and never look back. It REALLY was not meant to be.

5. TLC – There’s no need to throw hints and crave attention. Chances are, your favourite pair of jeans will always hug you in all the right places, at any given time.

6. Borrowing – If it belongs to a friend, it’s okay to lend it and wear it out. No secrets and no drama. Sharing really is caring, in fashion.

7. Mood Adjustment – Your clothes can accommodate your mood. No guy will ever be that understanding.

8. Approval – You will very rarely need anyone’s approval. If you like it – buy it, wear it and show it off. You don’t have to take it home to mom & dad first.

9. Feelings – The only feelings you need to be aware of are warmth and comfort. Simple.

10. Obsession – It’s okay to update your Facebook status, tweet, blog and Google Image search “Fashion” and not be considered a complete psychopath.

Hope you enjoyed my first “10 Reasons Why…” Let me know, by dropping a comment, of anything I could do my next one on.

Stay Beautiful, xx


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