10 Reasons Why…you should wear a panty today.

June 22nd is apparently “No Panty Day.” It’s pretty much Christmas…for men. Contrary to the pro-#NoPantyDay campaign, I’m all for keeping mine on. I might even wear 2, to make up for the lost soul “celebrating” it.

Today’s “10 Reasons Why…” is solely dedicated to why you should wear a panty today…and every other day.

1. If you want to be “sexy” then wear a lace panty. It’s revealing, minus the attention-seeking factor of being a slut.

2. Unless you flash every person that crosses your path today, I’m pretty sure nobody will know that you’re not wearing a panty – so, what’s the point then?

3. If your excuse for going commando is to avoid panty-lines, then stop lying. They’ve designed seamless panties, so your excuse is invalid and pretty much stupid.

4. If you’re going to take part in “No Panty Day” then you might as well broadcast chain messages and buy products from Verimark – it’s basically the same thing, all trying to get you to buy into something that will not benefit your life in any way or form.

5. Less is only more, if it’s your turn to roll the dice in “30 Seconds.”

6. Why give men another opportunity to manipulate us into doing something we think is for us, but actually it’s for them. It’s a conspiracy, so keep your panty on.

7. It’s cold.

8. Have some respect. Yes, it’s “funny” to a certain extent, but you can be “funny” and keep your knickers on all at the same time.

9. Accidents happen. Laughing so hard, that you pee a little, will probably not be the highlight of your day.

10. People are STILL on about Britney Spears, who didn’t wear a panty that ONE time. You probably won’t trend on Twitter, but just in case – don’t embarrass your mom, just wear a panty.

Say NO to No Panty Day!

Stay Beautiful, xx


4 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why…you should wear a panty today.

    1. Party Pooper! Ever heard about 420? Firstly its winter so nobody will know! Unless you tell them… It’s something naughty for the laughs and all your above reasons are invalid as well because, like this comment, it’s just an opinion. So ladies take of your panties and surprise someone, anyone, no-one, be a slut even if in secret. Or don’t and pretentiously judge whoever looks like their having fun!

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