ELLE OH ELLE – Picture Perfect!

After reading about the ELLE Magazine in association with BlackBerry, Style Reporter 2012 Competition, my friends (Melissa and Nishta) and I decided to make a day out of my entry. Of course, we had way too much fun, but between the pandemonium of sheer enjoyment, I managed to capture the material needed for this stylish shoot.

So, in case you’re wondering about the title of this post…let me get to it.  It’s no secret that I’m the Queen of Puns and “Elle Oh Elle” captured the essence of both the purpose and the nature of this post (LOL, get it?). “Picture Perfect,” well that too is a play on words, but it’s mostly inspired by the Elle Edits’, in the July issue. “For Art’s Sake” fashion trend.

The cliche of “a picture can tell a thousand words” has never been more true, when it comes to fashion. With the latest trend of wearing words and images, we can see how art parades it’s way down the streets of style.

I chose to add a DIY element to this post, and made my own picture t-shirt. I kept my idea short and sweet (literally) and painted a cupcake on a cropped tee.

This t-shirt was simple to make, an idea and some fabric paint can go a long way. I just downloaded a cupcake stencil off the internet, cut it out and painted it on to the tee…like I said, simple, right?

Of course, this is not limited to garb, seen in the pictures above, a more subtle approach is applied when this trend is used to accessorise a look. I found this pretty little Bambi Ring, ‘Love’ necklace and birdcage earrings at Lily, which I simply adore.

However, for me, art is incorporated into fashion in so many ways, besides the literal translation of using just pictures and words.

The way  I see it, it’s the rainbow of colours being defined by a gold border, it’s the strategically spaced rips in your leggings, the splash of paint on your statement bracelet and the way the blue outlines the pink, which outlines white, on your sling bag. It’s all this and so much more.

It’s about the lines, the angles, the colours and the structure –  making couture it’s canvas. 

Art has no limit, and luckily, fashion knows no boundaries!


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