London! London! London!

Dear Readers

As I sit, typing this post, with my hair not brushed and with my Africology Masque on I  can’t help but feel happy to be home. I just got back from London (after being there for a month) and thought I’d share some of my doings and fashion experiences. I know that some bloggers live a life of extreme extravagance and that it often seems like a brag-fest at times, but I can assure you – this is not the purpose of MY post.

Since all of my favourite people are British (One Direction, William & Kate, Coldplay etc.) I was keen on heading to the home of Vicky Pollard. Yeah but, no but, yeah but! It was wet, cold and although I had hoped for a white Christmas, it only snowed (and for 10 minutes) the day before I had to head back home. I enjoyed Central London, seeing Big Ben and all, it all seemed surreal. Those who know me personally, will know that I’m a die hard (sometimes annoying) Chelsea FC supporter, so it was a dream going to Stamford Bridge. Long story short, I went places…and had a good time!

big ben

Now for the part I actually want to share: LONDON FASHION!Strolling down the streets of London Central felt as if I was walking through the pages of a high fashion magazine. It’s Winter there and everything from Russian hats, studded coats, leather accents and STATEMENT jewelry was just so beautiful to see. This also meant that all Summer things were on sale, which was ideal for me to take back to a 30+ degrees Cape Town. The berry colour and army trend is a major trend for Winter, with studded EVERYTHING! Winter flatforms are also MAJOR!


Of course, I took full advantage of the shops (especially those we don’t have here in SA)! 7 pairs of shoes later, I was satisfied! Top Shop, Paul’s Boutique, Primark, Next, These are just some of the things I got:test 2

test 1

test 3

test 4

Now I am home, ready to soak up the sun and get 2013 started – Cape Town style!

Lots of love,



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