Pre-Fall Fashion!

Hello Readers


Although it is still Summer, and if you’re in Cape Town then I am sure the 30+ degrees are a constant reminder, but soon it will be that awkward period when it’s not quite Summer and not quite Autumn yet.  I thought I’d do a little pre-Autumn post, just to point out a few trends for the season, before the season!


It’s all about the mixing of bold prints, the cropped jackets, high-waist skirts and sleek/ tailored looks.

Collars are still in, bigger and bolder than before, and we can expect lots of military inspired fashion. I’m talking army prints, studs, combat-style boots and shoes.

Street style keeps it simple, with graphic shirts, word-fashion and the infamous beanie (try neon).  As usual, mixing of textures and playing down glam outfits will keep you fit for the pre-Autumn season.



Seasonal change always makes my fashion heart happy. It’s a time to explore and change up your wardrobe!






*Pictures are not my own and are for commentary purposes only.




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