Here’s 5 things you should know about writing for online

By the end of this, I should have explained how you should treat writing for online.. The reality of the web is that I don’t have much time before you get bored and so here’s a quick list of what to know, coupled with a beep load of  pictures and cool features … because it’s cool. 


It must be worth the click

You have to attract people to view your site, by making your headline über interesting. None of that basic stuff, make them want to click on YOUR link! It’s the first thing they’ll see and well, if it sucks, people are just going to scroll on by.



No really, click on it!


Get it?


Time is limited

Hello. This is the Internet. Not only is it important to attract people to your site in the first place, but to keep them there too. Be entertaining. Too much text is boring!

Colour is your friend!  But use colour in a cool way. This is not some Disney movie.


Embed it

I’m sure you have some really cool things to say, but let’s get serious. That could be a bit tiring to read. Add pictures, tweets, memes, maps, videos, music, links.   Whatever.

Okay, not “whatever” –  none of that selfie business. 

I should probably practice what I preach at some point. Here’s a cool video:

And here’s another one … because videos are cool. And people like videos.


If all else fails. Click here for a fantastic site that will you add video content.


Update and update quickly


It’s always pretty neat t have something exclusive on your site, but the Internet is sort of like Rihanna’s hairstyles. It changes all the time and before you know it, someone else is rocking it better than you. 

Sorry. Not Sorry, Riri!


Sell it on social networks

It’s all about the packaging. Share links via Twitter, Instagram, Facebook … but remember you have limited characters before someone ignores it. Try using a catchy phrase. Give away detail, but not too much. Otherwise, there’s really no point in still going to your site.

I hope this has helped you understand how the Internet works … and how you should work with it.

Oh and one last tip, I guess I should say “6 things” in my heading then. But nah.


Make sure you are original

There are millions of people doing the same thing, so you have to stand out.

Happy online’ ing!



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