Fashionable choices

When you’re in a class with 23 other journalism hopefuls, who want to rush after crime stories and what is deemed “soft news,” then becoming a fashion journalist is something to be scoffed at. I know because I’m the fashion writing wannabe. 

I’ll never forget the day a well-known journalist gave a speech to our class and laughed at my dream of going into fashion. Humiliated and too embarrassed, I said nothing to stand up for what I love. 

I motivate my choice in career (not that I need to) by pointing out that the fashion industry is one of the largest industries in the world. People seem stop at the aesthetics, but they forget that the industry is far more than the fabric we choose to clothe ourselves with. 

Here are a few numbers that may shock (or amuse) you about the industry I so much want to be a part of: 

Minimalist (1)


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