About me

Hi, I’m Chelsea. I like everything. No, really. I am a liker of things. I considered doing a “favourite things” post so that you could get to know me a bit better …

But I’d get carried away and be like …

And then you’d just be like …

So, instead … this is my life – in movie quotes.

Before I get started, I should probably mention that this is mostly a fashion blog – so if that’s not your thing then … just make it your thing. Nobody wants to be friends with people in ugly clothes.

Most things can be made fun of. And will be made fun of …by me. So, I add honesty and humour to most of my posts.

While I like to claim sanity,  my brain is probably not as focused as it should be and I often go off topic

But I always come back to the point …


I may include snippets of my social life …

Only sometimes.


In between all the silliness, I’m pretty normal and you can definitely find your fashion needs here. Everything from DIY, advice, street style and straight from runway.

So, welcome to my blog. Welcome to my world …





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