Farren Arendse – Trendy, Edgy and Fabulous!

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I’ve done posts on celebrities, international fashionistas and bloggers, whose style I obsess over. This time, my fashion-crush is a little closer to home and I actually know her personally! I just wanted to share, with you all, why it is that I am so in-style-love with Farren Arendse.

Farren (22) is Mother City born and bred, but is currently living in New York to fulfill her one and only dream of becoming a successful fashion designer. “Ever since I was a little girl, going into every shop possible and playing dress up as a little kid,”  says the fashionista as she explains that she has had a calling in fashion. Farren is currently working on her clothing line called “Rad Dolls” which is aimed at the free spirited, yet trend conscious individual. As a quirky dresser herself, the young talent encourages weird and different dress sense. She is a firm believer in not being a fashion sheep.

When asked how American fashion differs to South African fashion she responded,  “Over here, people are more free as to what they wear. Basically, no one looks down on anyone for what they are wearing. The clothing is also much more trend forward, I’d say.” Her current surroundings have definitely allowed her personal style to blossom and this can be can seen on Facebook page: Blommy. She is active on her page and is always posting her latest fashion forward looks, as well as personal fashion interests.

Her favourite items of style, are her rainbow knit jersey and Egyptian gold necklace (see below). It is obvious to see why Farren is indeed an ATG fashion-crush!

We wish Farren well, for the rest of her stay in New York and hope that we’ll see her creations rocking the runway soon!

*Pictures have been taken from Farren’s Facebook page. You may click on the link, mentioned in the post, to access more.

Pre-Fall Fashion!

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Although it is still Summer, and if you’re in Cape Town then I am sure the 30+ degrees are a constant reminder, but soon it will be that awkward period when it’s not quite Summer and not quite Autumn yet.  I thought I’d do a little pre-Autumn post, just to point out a few trends for the season, before the season!


It’s all about the mixing of bold prints, the cropped jackets, high-waist skirts and sleek/ tailored looks.

Collars are still in, bigger and bolder than before, and we can expect lots of military inspired fashion. I’m talking army prints, studs, combat-style boots and shoes.

Street style keeps it simple, with graphic shirts, word-fashion and the infamous beanie (try neon).  As usual, mixing of textures and playing down glam outfits will keep you fit for the pre-Autumn season.



Seasonal change always makes my fashion heart happy. It’s a time to explore and change up your wardrobe!






*Pictures are not my own and are for commentary purposes only.



London! London! London!

Dear Readers

As I sit, typing this post, with my hair not brushed and with my Africology Masque on I  can’t help but feel happy to be home. I just got back from London (after being there for a month) and thought I’d share some of my doings and fashion experiences. I know that some bloggers live a life of extreme extravagance and that it often seems like a brag-fest at times, but I can assure you – this is not the purpose of MY post.

Since all of my favourite people are British (One Direction, William & Kate, Coldplay etc.) I was keen on heading to the home of Vicky Pollard. Yeah but, no but, yeah but! It was wet, cold and although I had hoped for a white Christmas, it only snowed (and for 10 minutes) the day before I had to head back home. I enjoyed Central London, seeing Big Ben and all, it all seemed surreal. Those who know me personally, will know that I’m a die hard (sometimes annoying) Chelsea FC supporter, so it was a dream going to Stamford Bridge. Long story short, I went places…and had a good time!

big ben

Now for the part I actually want to share: LONDON FASHION!Strolling down the streets of London Central felt as if I was walking through the pages of a high fashion magazine. It’s Winter there and everything from Russian hats, studded coats, leather accents and STATEMENT jewelry was just so beautiful to see. This also meant that all Summer things were on sale, which was ideal for me to take back to a 30+ degrees Cape Town. The berry colour and army trend is a major trend for Winter, with studded EVERYTHING! Winter flatforms are also MAJOR!


Of course, I took full advantage of the shops (especially those we don’t have here in SA)! 7 pairs of shoes later, I was satisfied! Top Shop, Paul’s Boutique, Primark, Next, These are just some of the things I got:test 2

test 1

test 3

test 4

Now I am home, ready to soak up the sun and get 2013 started – Cape Town style!

Lots of love,


ELLE OH ELLE – Picture Perfect!

After reading about the ELLE Magazine in association with BlackBerry, Style Reporter 2012 Competition, my friends (Melissa and Nishta) and I decided to make a day out of my entry. Of course, we had way too much fun, but between the pandemonium of sheer enjoyment, I managed to capture the material needed for this stylish shoot.

So, in case you’re wondering about the title of this post…let me get to it.  It’s no secret that I’m the Queen of Puns and “Elle Oh Elle” captured the essence of both the purpose and the nature of this post (LOL, get it?). “Picture Perfect,” well that too is a play on words, but it’s mostly inspired by the Elle Edits’, in the July issue. “For Art’s Sake” fashion trend.

The cliche of “a picture can tell a thousand words” has never been more true, when it comes to fashion. With the latest trend of wearing words and images, we can see how art parades it’s way down the streets of style.

I chose to add a DIY element to this post, and made my own picture t-shirt. I kept my idea short and sweet (literally) and painted a cupcake on a cropped tee.

This t-shirt was simple to make, an idea and some fabric paint can go a long way. I just downloaded a cupcake stencil off the internet, cut it out and painted it on to the tee…like I said, simple, right?

Of course, this is not limited to garb, seen in the pictures above, a more subtle approach is applied when this trend is used to accessorise a look. I found this pretty little Bambi Ring, ‘Love’ necklace and birdcage earrings at Lily, which I simply adore.

However, for me, art is incorporated into fashion in so many ways, besides the literal translation of using just pictures and words.

The way  I see it, it’s the rainbow of colours being defined by a gold border, it’s the strategically spaced rips in your leggings, the splash of paint on your statement bracelet and the way the blue outlines the pink, which outlines white, on your sling bag. It’s all this and so much more.

It’s about the lines, the angles, the colours and the structure –  making couture it’s canvas. 

Art has no limit, and luckily, fashion knows no boundaries!

Yasmin Sewell

If you’re not obsessed by the end of this post, then I haven’t done her justice.

The Australian born fashion buyer, fashion consultant, fashion forecaster, fashion blogger (she’s everything fashion), Yasmin Sewell is probably among the world’s most stylishly sensational women…ever!

Despite her numerous awards and mentions, one of which was being named “Young Australian of 2012,” it is her everyday style which I find so enticing. Yasmin’s style can be described as quirky, fun, masculine…and with a touch red lipstick! She manages to do it right, without trying too hard. Of course, her clothes have not been the only hit, as Sewell has inspired many haircuts too. We just love her hair!

Here are some pictures of the beautiful Sewell:

Glitter & Gold

Not everything that glitters is gold….no wait.

There’s one colour that will always be in season and on trend – GLITTER! Many people are thrown off by the idea that glitter, gold and all things shiny are considered to be tacky, but unless it’s Mariah Carey’s attempt at acting, I get rather excited when I think of glitter and all it’s sparkly connotations. Some would argue that the shimmer be reserved for birthday cards and little girls, but fashion welcomes it too!

A picture can say a thousand words, so I’ll leave this post short, sweet and SHINY.

10 Reasons Why…being in fashion is better than being in a relationship.

I’ve decided to add a new feature to my blog, “10 reasons why…” As often as I can, I will post 10 reasons why something is better than anything else, why I love whatever it may be or anything that I need TEN reasons to justify. Of course, this entirely my opinion and anything I say can be digested with a pinch of salt.

My first 10 Reasons Why, is “10 Reasons Why Being in Fashion is Better Than Being in a Relationship.”

1. Return Policy – If you don’t like something anymore, you can change or return it to where you got it from. I’m pretty sure you can’t drop off a guy at his mom’s if you don’t find him attractive anymore, right? Although, that would be nice.

2. Jealousy – Your shoes can all be in the same room and not stir up drama. Stiletto’s will most probably NOT compare heel size.

3. Age – It’s not frowned upon to go for something much older than you are, it’s called “Vintage” and not being a “gold digger.”

4. No Waiting – If the store doesn’t have your size, you can leave and never look back. It REALLY was not meant to be.

5. TLC – There’s no need to throw hints and crave attention. Chances are, your favourite pair of jeans will always hug you in all the right places, at any given time.

6. Borrowing – If it belongs to a friend, it’s okay to lend it and wear it out. No secrets and no drama. Sharing really is caring, in fashion.

7. Mood Adjustment – Your clothes can accommodate your mood. No guy will ever be that understanding.

8. Approval – You will very rarely need anyone’s approval. If you like it – buy it, wear it and show it off. You don’t have to take it home to mom & dad first.

9. Feelings – The only feelings you need to be aware of are warmth and comfort. Simple.

10. Obsession – It’s okay to update your Facebook status, tweet, blog and Google Image search “Fashion” and not be considered a complete psychopath.

Hope you enjoyed my first “10 Reasons Why…” Let me know, by dropping a comment, of anything I could do my next one on.

Stay Beautiful, xx