Farren Arendse – Trendy, Edgy and Fabulous!

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I’ve done posts on celebrities, international fashionistas and bloggers, whose style I obsess over. This time, my fashion-crush is a little closer to home and I actually know her personally! I just wanted to share, with you all, why it is that I am so in-style-love with Farren Arendse.

Farren (22) is Mother City born and bred, but is currently living in New York to fulfill her one and only dream of becoming a successful fashion designer. “Ever since I was a little girl, going into every shop possible and playing dress up as a little kid,”  says the fashionista as she explains that she has had a calling in fashion. Farren is currently working on her clothing line called “Rad Dolls” which is aimed at the free spirited, yet trend conscious individual. As a quirky dresser herself, the young talent encourages weird and different dress sense. She is a firm believer in not being a fashion sheep.

When asked how American fashion differs to South African fashion she responded,  “Over here, people are more free as to what they wear. Basically, no one looks down on anyone for what they are wearing. The clothing is also much more trend forward, I’d say.” Her current surroundings have definitely allowed her personal style to blossom and this can be can seen on Facebook page: Blommy. She is active on her page and is always posting her latest fashion forward looks, as well as personal fashion interests.

Her favourite items of style, are her rainbow knit jersey and Egyptian gold necklace (see below). It is obvious to see why Farren is indeed an ATG fashion-crush!

We wish Farren well, for the rest of her stay in New York and hope that we’ll see her creations rocking the runway soon!

*Pictures have been taken from Farren’s Facebook page. You may click on the link, mentioned in the post, to access more.

Yasmin Sewell

If you’re not obsessed by the end of this post, then I haven’t done her justice.

The Australian born fashion buyer, fashion consultant, fashion forecaster, fashion blogger (she’s everything fashion), Yasmin Sewell is probably among the world’s most stylishly sensational women…ever!

Despite her numerous awards and mentions, one of which was being named “Young Australian of 2012,” it is her everyday style which I find so enticing. Yasmin’s style can be described as quirky, fun, masculine…and with a touch red lipstick! She manages to do it right, without trying too hard. Of course, her clothes have not been the only hit, as Sewell has inspired many haircuts too. We just love her hair!

Here are some pictures of the beautiful Sewell:

Styling Facebook 10

I went through profiles, every single picture (okay, most) and finally came up with who I think are the fashionistas on my Facebook friends list. Please don’t be upset if you are not on this list, lol!


Aqeelah Hassan


Blaine Jossie


Lauren Barnard


Farren Arendse


Carryn Adams


Samantha Bianchi


Nicole Fortuin


Chanel Whittaker


Zowler Arafat


Lisa-Marie Johnstone


I think I’ll do a list of guys next!…:)


Mai World!

The Style Network’s hit makeover show, How Do I Look?, is always a favourite when we we want to watch some helpless individual be transformed into a fabulous-being. That’s all fun and interesting to watch, but I really don’t watch it for the “victim” of the show. Instead, I’m glued to Channel 183, for the host of the show – Jeannie Mai.

Jeannie Mai is a fashionista, wearapist and style savvy diva, who is always rocking some risky fashion styles.  Her quirky taste is always a topic for discussion, as she never fails to look amazing.

Check out her mini bigraphy at: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2353490/bio