Farren Arendse – Trendy, Edgy and Fabulous!

Hello Readers

I’ve done posts on celebrities, international fashionistas and bloggers, whose style I obsess over. This time, my fashion-crush is a little closer to home and I actually know her personally! I just wanted to share, with you all, why it is that I am so in-style-love with Farren Arendse.

Farren (22) is Mother City born and bred, but is currently living in New York to fulfill her one and only dream of becoming a successful fashion designer. “Ever since I was a little girl, going into every shop possible and playing dress up as a little kid,”  says the fashionista as she explains that she has had a calling in fashion. Farren is currently working on her clothing line called “Rad Dolls” which is aimed at the free spirited, yet trend conscious individual. As a quirky dresser herself, the young talent encourages weird and different dress sense. She is a firm believer in not being a fashion sheep.

When asked how American fashion differs to South African fashion she responded,  “Over here, people are more free as to what they wear. Basically, no one looks down on anyone for what they are wearing. The clothing is also much more trend forward, I’d say.” Her current surroundings have definitely allowed her personal style to blossom and this can be can seen on Facebook page: Blommy. She is active on her page and is always posting her latest fashion forward looks, as well as personal fashion interests.

Her favourite items of style, are her rainbow knit jersey and Egyptian gold necklace (see below). It is obvious to see why Farren is indeed an ATG fashion-crush!

We wish Farren well, for the rest of her stay in New York and hope that we’ll see her creations rocking the runway soon!

*Pictures have been taken from Farren’s Facebook page. You may click on the link, mentioned in the post, to access more.


Yasmin Sewell

If you’re not obsessed by the end of this post, then I haven’t done her justice.

The Australian born fashion buyer, fashion consultant, fashion forecaster, fashion blogger (she’s everything fashion), Yasmin Sewell is probably among the world’s most stylishly sensational women…ever!

Despite her numerous awards and mentions, one of which was being named “Young Australian of 2012,” it is her everyday style which I find so enticing. Yasmin’s style can be described as quirky, fun, masculine…and with a touch red lipstick! She manages to do it right, without trying too hard. Of course, her clothes have not been the only hit, as Sewell has inspired many haircuts too. We just love her hair!

Here are some pictures of the beautiful Sewell:

Fashion inFRINGEment

I decided that I needed a new look, something that’s not too dramatic yet visibly noticeable. I got a little scissor-happy and decided that I needed bangs…for my hair! Now, here I am, with a fringe. Don’t worry, I followed a Youtube tutorial so  it’s pretty professional – as is everything on Youtube (note the scarcasm).

Instead of making this post entirely about me and my latest bang, I decided to relate it to my fashion obsession with fringes. Fringed bags, fringed vests, fringed shoes…FRINGE FRINGE FRINGE. 

Something that can be worn in all seasons, is the fringed vest. I love the second vest more for Winter. Although it does remind me of a bathroom mat, it’s still chic.

I’m completely obsessed with fringed shoes and booties. I have a black pair of fringed boots and the evidence of wear & tear, suggests just how much I love them.

Don’t you just love Kate Hudson’s red fringed bag? I do! It’s a simple way to keep any outfit playful and stylish. Bold colours are sure to make more of a statement, but a neutral colour is ideal for any outfit.

This fringed necklace is, as fashion girls would say, “TOTES AMAZE!”. It’s trendy  without trying too hard. I plan on doing a DIY post on how to make your own fringed necklace, so keep an eye out for it.

What do you think? Hate it? Love it? Leave a comment and let me know.


Keeping Up With The…Jenners!

Being the younger sisters of the Kardashian sisters, Kendall and Kylie Jenner live in the shadows of their I-don’t-know-why-they-are-famous family. Personally, I think that these two young beauties are soon going to steal the spotlight from Kourtney, Kim and Khloe. They are definitely emerging, if not already, fashion diva’s!

I absolutely fell in love with their latest Instagram pictures. Absolutely LOVING Kendall’s shoes, in the picture below.

I sourced a pair, which is quite similar, at Rage. It is available in this teal colour, as well as in black – just like the pair Kendall is seen wearing! They are simply amazing!

The youngest of the Jenner family, Kylie, is also rocking my fashion mind in this stunning studded leather jacket, with sexy shoulder pads! Combining different textures is so HOT right now. So try pairing lace with leather, for a pretty but edgy look!

We’ll definitely be keeping up with their fashion in the future!


Here’s a link to the rest of their Instagram pictures: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150474413791892.368196.166720031891&type=1&__adt=4

Simply Bow-Ho!

I’m totally obsessed with hair-bows right now! For me, the bigger the better! A simple outfit can be cutesified (I just made that word up though) with a bold and beautiful hair-bow! Whether your hair is up or down, it’ll always be the perfect accessory!

Today I’m wearing one (first picture below) that I got at Mr Price, for R19,99. Although, you could always make your own – will blog a T.I.Y (Tie It Yourself) post soon!

Check out some pics:

Stay Beautiful, xx

Blue Escape

Greetings, Beauties!

My emotions and current state of being, always seem to give rise to my blog topics. Last night I decided to try out my new nail polish from Avon, Blue Escape. Hmmm…Blue Escape??? It hit me, because I am feeling a little “blue,” I thought I’d turn to the “escape” I love: fashion!

Today’s post is my Blue Escape!


Keeping with the theme, or mood, which is blue – I decided to dedicate this blog post to all things blue, in colour. So, here are some Fall/ Winter trends:

I absolutely adore this high-heeled, ankle boot from Zoom, they’re perfect for the upcoming winter season.

Check out:  http://www.zoomfootwear.co.za/webstore/index.php/ankle-boots/adelle/flypage-zoom.tpl

Try this forties-inspired top from Woolworths, teamed with some black leggings and tan boots, and you’ll be styling the blues.


For a street style look, opt for a bold blue maxi skirt, with a chunky knit or even a leather jacket. I sourced a stunning blue maxi at Mr Price  for only R89.99 (not exactly like the picture below, but close).


Now for my latest fashion-lust-have, the turban. Now what better way to rock head gear, than with a blue turban.

 Being blue has an upside! Have a fabulous day ladies!

Trends we would love to forget!

Look what I found!


Spot a trend???


My bag, yuck!...(I'm the one on the left btw)


I was going through some old photos today, the kind that made me go all “oh gross, what was I wearing” – yes you know what I’m talking about! So, I thought I would take a trip down trend-lane and remind you all of the ridiculous fashion trends we were once following – when were we kids. Yes that’s right – blame it on the “kid phase!”


Bomber Jackets – those puffy, oversized, made a noise whenever you moved your arms…yes those jackets! Come on, we all had them!…If you lucky, you had a fur trim on the hood!


Bright colour lenses, sunglasses – with small frames!…Every girl wanted a pink or purple pair and we thought we looked pretty cool sporting them. I’m not even going to lie, I had loads of pairs (all from the flee market).


Gypsy Skirts – one in every colour!…Apparently they are making a come back – why? P.S there is a DIFFERENCE between a gypsy skirt and a maxi skirt – don’t get it twisted!


Denim Suits –  yes denim is in again and yes you can wear denim on top and at the bottom…but NO they can’t be of the same shade. We all committed this crime once upon a childhood memory!


Boxing Boots – the kind that laced-up all the way to your knee. if you didn’t have a pair of these, you wanted them! Then Uggs took over…and then Wellingtons…what next?


Pointy shoes – I’m so sorry if you still wear them, but that was one of the worst things ever in season at a stage. No ladies, round-toe and peep-toe are classics…Pointy’s are from the era of pre-GHD and Nokia!


Pig Tails – Yes, we all thought we looked cute, but unless you are under 6 years old – away with the two pony tails!


Ugly Betty transformed in the end - and so did our taste! HOPEFULLY!

What else can you guys think of? Drop a comment – and let’s all lugh about it!